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Welcome to WatSheWants

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watshewants.com, as the name suggests, is focused on one thing and one thing only – providing you with what you want.

It could be formal yet chic office wear that gives you the extra assertiveness at work, casual frilly dresses for when you’re just chilling with the pals, party pieces for turning heads, or even dreamy girlish numbers for that dream date.

Whatever it is you want, we aim to provide at watshewants.com. And at a price tag that won’t leave you starving for the rest of your month.

Because at watshewants.com, we believe that quality, design and style does not have to be compromised by affordability. We know you want it quick, safe, enjoyable, good and lasting. So come, let us satisfy you today.
After all, all fantasies begin with the wardrobe for us girls...